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I created this website in response to an inquiry I stumbled upon.  But the word also needs to get out about a simple solution to what ails us all.  My mother passed away from breast cancer back in 1986 (30 years ago).  I only wish that I had known about this back then.  We were looking into macro-diets back then, as well as, cabbage drinks and lara-diveracata plant (as outlined in the book "The Cancer Cure".


Enjoy life!!!


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Dr Gerber pH article

Please note: Cancer cells begin to form at a pH of 5.8.

pH Balancing

Acidity Cancer Link

Salmonella cure 4 brain cancer

cancer pH meter.JPG
cancer terminal.JPG

31 day CANCER cure part I

31 day CANCER cure part II

Photo of release of information available upon request

Ad for medical subscription/ newsletter but information insightful and can
be GOOGLED to glean more details. Click on DOCX icon and file will be downloaded as a file at bottom left side of screen.
Baking Soda and DEATH

CANCER & STRESS cause/effect/therapy


Research out of Baylor University and MD Anderson Cancer Center revealed this strange compound is the closest we've ever been to a permanent cancer cure.

This website link will take you to an AD that is giving a free book along with a trial subscription to their newsletter.  THE INFORMATION ON THIS AD/WEBSITE WILL GIVE YOU FOOD FOR THOUGHT WHICH CAN BE RESEARCHED/GOOGLED.

Special instruction:  The link below will take you to video webpage.  Click the (x) to close out the page.  This will give you the option to [leave/stay] .  Hit the stay button to see the written form/script of the video. It is chock full of information and pictures.

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